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What we do

Our events and projects, detailed below, are open to all. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get involved!


SIAMSA is the first of its kind monthly variety showcase of Irish Creatives based in London. The night consists of Musical Theatre Performers, Singer Songwriters, Comedians and Drama Pieces.

The format is open and variable, and we’re delighted to showcase all forms of creativity.


Celebration Nights

The Celebration night doubles with our networking night and is a chance for both meeting to meet fellow creatives but also and celebrating the different demographics in our group.

In the past we have hosted a night celebrating 'Irish Women', 'Irish Members of LGBTQ+ Community' & 'Irish Creatives of mixed heritage' to great success, and we look forward to hosting more similar events in the near future.



On a regular basis we release a journal which showcases the writers within the ICC community. It's available for £2 and contains all original material.


Networking Nights

Our networking nights are held in a variety of venues across London and are dedicated to bringing Irish Creatives together in the hope of building relationships in a safe and fun environment.

Every night consists of live music and an open mic section where anyone can join in!


Poetry Nights

We host a monthly Poetry Night where poets of all levels of experiences can come and perform their own original pieces.

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